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A recent webinar attendee says “Since the birth of my second child 14 years ago I have been “unwell”.  I had him at 37 and went straight into menopause, spending the next 14 years with the worst menopause symptoms, anxiety, depression, severe migraines and in the last few months, severe digestive problems. I developed a foot neuroma which saw my exercise come to a stop last November, and in June gave up my job after 5.5 years as I just couldn’t do it anymore.
My husband has always said I haven’t been right since the birth of our second son.

I did the free First Steps webinar which I found really interesting so I booked into the 2 hour Next Steps webinar, which I completed on Tuesday.  I feel so incredibly great!”

Read more about her recovery here:

I saw Mel on the Breakfast show and thought what have I got to lose.  Less than a week later,  this morning I woke without heart palpitations and a foggy brain wondering if I’m going to have another daily migraine. This morning, I also walked 8km and didn’t think of my foot at all.  I’ve halved my HRT medication so I can eventually stop it, and have not had one hot flush which I was still having on a daily basis. (I never believed I needed HRT but it was all the Drs could offer me so eventually I caved in).
I am working extremely hard and using all the wonderful tools that I learned in the Next Steps webinar.  I can’t thank you enough, as I really thought “This is just how my life is now”.

I now realise that all the stress of a traumatic birth and a baby that didn’t really sleep for two years was a constant stress and that’s how I was living.  Adding to that over the years, deaths in the family, witnessing a horrendous dog attack and much more.  I was in constant fight or flight mode without realising it.

Im now saying yes …. yes to socaialising, yes to weekends away with friends …. I cant wait for the rest of my life now.  It can only get better.

Thank you

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