Super fast CRPS recovery!

Lily, aged 11, broke her ankle in May 2020, and later developed CRPS. When she attended The Switch, she had an amazing transformation in a matter of days!

Lily never talks about CRPS now. It makes her feel physically ill to even think about it, because the door is very firmly closed on that part of her life and it feels weird to even acknowledge it. Therefore, her Mum has shared the following chronicle of her recovery

Lily broke her ankle in May but it wasn’t picked up for a couple of months. She was popped into a moon boot for 6 weeks – the bone healed but she was still in lots of pain. She was then diagnosed with CRPS. She was unable to walk without crutches. She often felt like her leg was numb, and her foot and entire side was on fire. Doctors wanted her to go on lots of meds and didn’t really have a plan for her.

Lily did the pre-course workbook for The Switch and immediately could walk without crutches but still had pain and couldn’t quite do all she dreamed of. She was determined that The Switch would be the answer!

Day 3 of The Switch, she ran up the stairs at home, ran back down, hugged me and said “I don’t have CRPS anymore, its gone!”
Day 4 of The Switch, she went rock climbing! (See photo)
Since The Switch –Lily has never had any CRPS pain since. She has been swimming, running, biking, dancing, and has performed a solo of Christmas Carol in front of 300 people.

There’s no looking back – just forwards.

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