Lupus and allergies resolved after 60 years!

Mary had Lupus SLE for over 60 years, and reported that she didn’t remember ever feeling well.

“After 3 days, I have learnt so much and am really excited about how I feel now. I now have energy, enthusiasm and feeling of pleasure to live the life I want. I know that my health and well-being is in my control. It is great to feel I can enjoy day to day activities and trust that my vitality will continue. I no longer think that going to an exhibition about food allergies and intolerances is of any interest to me, as my new strategies are completely effective”.

[2 weeks later]
“What a good two weeks I’ve had! It has been lovely to wake up feeling refreshed and having the energy I need for the day. I’ve made full use of my days, and have enjoyed my grandchildren. I even hosted my ten year old granddaughter’s birthday party – two weeks ago, that would have seemed impossible! I’ve felt great going to the theatre, cinema, later nights and still being energised the next day. I continue to do the ‘dancing’ whilst cooking!
I had an amazing birthday – Everyone commented on how well I was and I just loved saying “yes I’m doing really great!” I’ve been out and about for wonderful meals, and can eat everything.

Your training, which you did so well for us, is making a big difference to me.”

Mary, aged 71
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