Meet the team – Pippa Adamson

You can do 1-1 sessions using NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) with Pippa, since Mel no longer has capacity to help people who are not coming through the full Switch programme.Pippa also offers follow-up sessions to Mel’s previous Lightning Process clients, since Mel is now a Switch Practitioner instead. You are able to pay for your sessions direct to Empower Therapies, thus not incurring international bank transfer fees. Just tell her that you were referred from the Empower Therapies website.


NLP Master Practitioner

I’m Pippa Adamson. I’m an Advanced Lightning Process Practitioner who has been practicing in the UK for 9 years. Mel and I trained together in London with Phil Parker and I am now a tutor on Phil’s course. I am also an NLP Master Practitioner and offer one-to-one coaching with clients. Like Mel, I work with clients with many different conditions.

I came to the Lightning Process after having M.E. for 20 years. When my son, Callum who was then aged 13, was diagnosed with M.E. too we decided to do the course together. This was life changing for both of us!

When I’m not working, my favourite things to do are wild swimming, dancing and cycling

Here is a movie of me speaking with my son and some of my Lightning Process clients.

What happens in a 1-1 session of NLP?

Neuro-linguistic programming accessesyour subconscious mindthrough a range of visualisation techniques to release underlying issues quickly. It is not a deep trance state – you will remember everything, are talking to the therapist throughout the session, and can open your eyes if you want to stop.
The first session is 1.5 hours long and has 3 stages. We discuss “What is the problem?” and “What do you want instead?” and then we use a combination of visualisation techniques to help you to create the changes that you are seeking. Follow-up sessions are one hour long and are recommended because they further embed the changes that you have made, fine tune their effects and work on any other issues that come to light. People usually do between two and five sessions. Sessions cost $140 for 1 hour or $190 for 1.5 hours.
Therapy sessions work on just one issue at a time and are led by the therapist, which means that you are not directly learning skills to use yourself for other issues. Further issues would require further therapy sessions. If you choose to do The Switch instead, you learn the principles of mind-body health, recognise your own illness patterns, and learn techniques to fix them. This means that you then have life skills to resolve any further issues as they come up.


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