Second time, fatigue is gone!

This client had attended a different course with a different practitioner and had made some great improvements to her energy levels, but then she relapsed and felt hopeless about it all. She then attended The Switch and has finished off her great progress!

She also commented that she had initially wondered if she would ever get accepted on my course, because I pointed out some patterns that she needed to change immediately, in order to be ready for it. However, she rose to that challenge and passed the assessment the second time. She said “your pointy-shoe-up-bum approach really helped me to click into gear and make this happen. Thanks for pushing me!”

(One week after The Switch)
I am in Cyprus and having an extraordinary experience of sun, fun and people connecting!

Thousands of snap happy moments, treasure-trove of memories already and only been here 1.5 days.

Doing a 7 day workshop plus archeological explorations. Plus, swimming, lying around the beach and eating.
Terrible life!!!

I loved the Switch, so appreciate you and the difference you’re made to my and so many others lives, truly an honour to have participated and to work it through with you.

(A month later)
I have returned from travelling to Cyprus (and Israel), which wasn’t on the list but was extraordinary to include with 4 days of the most incredible sights and experiences!

So I am tanned (at 38 degrees C) hard not to be and energised and up and at ‘em although I got in a 4.14 am yesterday morning.

I cannot express how grateful I am for the time spent in the Switch. I took my little card with me and anytime doubt, fear, confusion or overwhelm showed up I simply “outed” the little card and practiced being the best coach possible. It became such a automatic response that it felt like it was a part of my “next right thing to do” practice.


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