Resolving Crohns Disease with The Switch

Annelies got Crohns disease in 2017, at the same time as being jilted and having a nervous breakdown. She describes below how awful her symptoms were and what a life-changing result she has got from attending The Switch!

For over two years I fluctuated between sick and even sicker, to the point where my body started shutting down. I was too weak to shower. I would sleep 12+ hours a night and then nap during the day. I was frequently in pain, going to the toilet up to 20 times a day, and having bleeding nearly every day. I couldn’t fight infections. I was always exhausted, dizzy, anxious and nervous. I couldn’t leave home because my body and emotions were uncontrollable.

In the four months since doing The Switch, my life has turned around!!! I have put on weight, I can eat a variety of foods, and I can plan my toilet stops. I can shower every day, and I sing in the shower! I have started a job and work three full days a week. I can limit the anxious episodes, and I rarely do nervousness. Standing for a few hours is not a problem. I have had energy to get a puppy. I have baked and cooked and preserved. I am able to go for walks and not worry about my tummy. I can go out spontaneously. I can wear white pants and short dresses without fear. I can set goals and know that I can achieve them. 
Some days I wake up and I feel completely normal, and I have forgotten about the Crohns label! My family have said I am now how I was ten years ago – happy and  healthy and energetic. I love it… and I love ME!


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