Here’s a great pooh story!

This client had previously attended The Lightning Process with me, and now returned to do The Switch Essentials (a one day version of The Switch which is just for my previous LP clients). She had a remarkable new result…

Day after my one day course I arrived back at my clinic and I desperately needed to pooh… very very unusual for me , I go in morning or not at all .
Within two hours I had been 4 times .

Nothing abnormal about them just a perfectly normal pooh each time I felt my body purging it I started to feel quiet euphoric . Bear in mind my clinic and my ozone therapy is centered around detoxing but this was something quite different.

Then!! My tooth . 2 months prior dentist said he couldn’t save it because i’d broken the ligament ( who knew ligament in teeth ) I said no I’ll wait three months and I’ll try and save it using Ozone .

Well it was working .. tooth had started to tighten and gave me absolutely no trouble.
After my body purged all the pooh it decided my tooth was next . In one hour the tooth had lifted so high I couldn’t bite down at all .. couldn’t even eat on other side. My jaw and neck were all infected .. I spent the weekend using ozone so by the time I got to the dentist Monday morning I didn’t have any infection … he pulled the tooth and bugger me it had amalgam in it .. 17 years ago I paid big money to remove all the amalgam.

Recently I did a heavy metal test and it showed high mercury .. I couldn’t understand why .
Well there was my answer.

So that was my purging after the session.
How cool and amazing is that ? ?

You can use my story if you like but not my name :. Not many people I talk to about my pooh!
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