Diabetes, blood pressure, kidney disease and thyroid issues…

Veronica emailed me to say:
I had been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and borderline diabetes and the insomnia had gone completely out of control, where I was essentially passing out from exhaustion and moving through my days in a zombie-like state, with no interest or energy for anything. I fell into a deep depression and even started smoking again after more than 30 years smoke-free. Having to do anything made me want to cry…

Here’s her story two weeks after The Switch…

My doctor rang me first thing this morning because she was so excited about the results!
Blood pressure was 120/80.
Blood sugar – bog standard normal (no sign of diabetes!)
Protein in urine dropped from 168 to 3 – no sign of chronic kidney disease!
And there were various other good numbers she threw at me about lipids and things and I kinda wasn’t paying attention after that much good news! Will have to wait for a few days for the thyroid result, but I’m feeling very optimistic.

She just couldn’t get over the change – she’d never had a patient make such dramatic positive change in such a short period of time. (six months.)
And whatever I was doing, I should keep doing it. I honestly couldn’t get her off the phone, she was just so… enthusiastic! Wow!

Now I’m not going to put it ALL down to the Switch, as I’ve been on a 99 day (so far) personal rehab process that’s included radical change in diet and exercise. But I really feel The Switch has given me the right set of tools at the right time to continue and expand my healing process and also shift it to a growth process. Being sick sure takes energy, and healing requires a lot of energy. So looking forward to have the energy required for amazing creativity. Getting whispers of inspiration already ? Doing it!

Switching has already become entrenched in my conscious and unconscious mind. Do them without being aware until I’m on to the next thing. Not in summer yet, but really loving the springtime. I start my day with a Switch. My wake-up “SMILE” Switch – in the bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror. I Switch off any lethargy leftover from either a good or bad night’s sleep. I choose to joyfully do whatever I need to do.
I’m doing Deep Switches on the auto-immune stuff, as well as Quick Switches to remind my pancreas, thyroid and kidneys that I love them and they are amazing ?
My workout routines feel easier and I’m enjoying the physicality of them. If I feel like quitting early – I stop for a minute – do a quick switch – and carry on.
My chronic hand scratching is about 80% gone, though I find that if I get bored, fretful or frustrated it sneaks in. I do a switch which sometimes helps, but I realise the best thing to do is get away from whatever I’m doing, then do a switch and get on with my day.

And I think one of the best Switch results for me is training myself to forgive myself for not being perfect. I choose to love myself.

I’m a pretty clever, creative caring person. I accomplish a lot. It’s not more or less than anyone else – it’s what I do. I’m allowed to have flaws and make some mistakes. I’m a work in progress and will be for my entire life.

Such good news!


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