50 years of depression – GONE!

Jo attended The Switch for depression, which she had experienced for over 50 years. Here is her joyful account of how much better she felt so quickly after attending The Switch, and about how she liked the characters in The Switch.

If you are inspired by her story, you may like to attend her art exhibition which runs in Auckland throughout July and August, 2020:


The Switch is extraordinary – the workbook is written in non-threatening language with characters that any race or creed can easily relate to. The Sunflower (in full bloom, automatically looks warming and happy), Mr. Grey (the encyclopedic scientist for those who need to have the hard core proof of the program) and Dood  (the action guy who has  easy ways to reinforce the language you want your brain to retain – the positive wiring).

Mel is the best therapist/coach ever. She really knows her stuff, and is an expert on reading body language. What I admired most was her ability to remain objective with each person in the class, and when to step in and when to step back.

I wish there was an additional space below in the RAND 12 Health Survey to record that in the last four weeks our country has been in lockdown due to Covid-19 virus. As a bubble of one, it would have been very easy for me to succumb to loneliness, but I didn’t. I achieved a lot of work (painting for art exhibition), cleaned out my garage and storage spaces, ensured I cooked healthy nutritious meals for myself, exercised daily and initiated contact with friends before I became depressed. I had all the skills thanks to The Switch to negotiate my way through what could have previously been a very depressing time for me.

Also with no traffic fumes, the air became cleaner very quickly, and I had clarity of mind, found it easy to make good decisions and was generally happier with the slower pace of life.

Jo Testimonial

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