Concussion gone! Bring back the sport!

For 11 months I experienced near constant headaches and fatigue after having two head knocks at a football tournament. This affected most aspects of my life, physically, mentally and socially. I couldn’t do any of the activities I used to enjoy and I felt like my headaches and fatigue would never end.

One day I heard of Mel’s success with helping others turn their health around and grew incredibly hopeful. ‘The Switch’ was completely life changing and I would recommend it to anyone. Mel was incredibly supportive and she really helped me become healthy again.

I was amazed at how quick and easy it was.

During the course. I went for two 15 minute runs and walked up Rangitoto. I stopped having headaches/fatigue and have been getting back into mountain biking, running and football training.

Everything in my life improved.

I can study and do exams, I got my restricted driving license and have reconnected with friends.

I am super grateful for what Mel did to help me back to where I want to be in life. It truly was an awesome and empowering experience.

- Mac, aged 17

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