Concussion – and everything else – FIXED!

Sarah suffered a concussion from wakeboarding, after already struggling with anxiety and depression since 2013. She said:

“I have extreme stress, I can’t work much, I can’t sleep and I “crash” every week. My mental health is not good, I feel I can’t control/manage my emotions, I can’t attend church because it’s overwhelming along with other social situations. Panic attacks.”

I don’t think there’s enough space to write all the improvements!

Healed concussion – no nausea, no dizziness, no headaches, no balance issues, concentration normal again, no fatigue, able to sleep well, can read again, great coordination, no back or neck pain, relaxed muscles, no confusion, no shooting pains, no noise and light sensitivity, able to make decisions again, heart beating normally again. I am now calm and able to make good decisions without being overwhelmed. I haven’t done anxiety or depression. I haven’t done anger. I have done self control. My self esteem and self worth has improved dramatically. My thoughts are vastly different.

I’ve had some huge challenges – like dropping my diamond engagement ring in the ocean (don’t worry a guy found it 24 hours later!!) and COVID cancelling our 6-month holiday and I’ve actually been happier than I would be under normal circumstances – it’s crazy!

I’ve been able to run long distances non-stop for the first time. I’ve been able to eat fruit and nuts and smoothies for the first time ever. I’ve been able to try new things. People said I look and sound different than before! I’m now healthier than I was before I even had the concussion in the first place.

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