24 years of CFS and fibromyalgia GONE

Adi suffered from CFS and Fibromyalgia for 24 years. These are her comments two weeks later:

“I have a much more positive light on my present and future life!

I am much more engaged with life and my interaction with others. I am realising that I have the power to do anything I want if I don’t do fear around it.

I have been upping my exercise with bike rides and walks – even went for a 3 hour walk in the Abel Tasman Park and although I was tired at the end of the day, I had plenty of energy the next day.

I am getting down to the root cause of my neck and back problems which seem to be about doing panic about not enough time/ others expectations (probably imagined!) and not trusting the body’s ability to heal itself. I have let go a lot of tension around this and I am trusting the healing ability of my body and Universe.

I am organising a big Carnival in 3 weeks time, which is a good opportunity to practice and break through these old patterns.”


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