“Hi, I’m Jen and I have joined the Empower Therapies team as Mel’s admin support. I have an eclectic background in recruitment, property management, primary school teaching assistant and proofreading. After doing illness for more than 20 years I completed The Switch course with Mel recently, so have experienced first-hand the phenomenal changes possible. I’m really privileged to be able to assist Mel and support her clients through their exciting journey to wellness.”

Jen attended The Switch for chronic fatigue syndrome and she said that on Day 1, she was contemplating asking me if it would be OK to lie down on the floor for a while to rest. She didn’t end up asking, and not only made it through the day, but had more energy with each day of the course and exactly one week later, she was back in the same room doing a job interview to become my admin person! I’m thrilled with her work, and she is going to be a very inspiring person for new clients to talk to and find out about the course!
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