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Congratulations on choosing to do The Switch®
You have wonderful journey ahead of you

While being ill may have been awful, your recovery can be uplifting, fascinating and easier than you expected. You will have lifelong skills to enhance your life far beyond just illness recovery.

Once we receive your application and $100 deposit, we will send you an ebook to work through yourself to start getting improvements and to prepare for the course. Once you are at the top of the waiting list, you will have an assessment to check if the course is right for you (by phone, skype or in person) and we will either offer you a course space (if you’re ready), some additional preparation tasks (if you’re nearly ready) or a refund (if the course is not suitable for you).

It is really important to fill in your own application form. Even young children must fill in Section 2 and 3 themselves because we need to know how the applicant feels, not what someone else thinks.

We really look forward to connecting with you soon!

Section One – Standard Information

Section 2: The issues

Please rate these statements out of 10, 10 = totally positive, 1 = totally negative
How would you rate your current physical health?*

How would you rate your current emotional health?*

How much do you like and value yourself?*

How much do you want to fix this issue (or issues)?*

How possible is it that you could fix this by doing The Switch?*

How open-minded are you to a new way of viewing your health?*

How willing are you to put in the work to get change?*

Section 3: What do you want?

Section 4: The Guidelines

The Switch® is provided to you by Empower Therapies Ltd®. We want you to have a fantastic experience of doing The Switch, so there are some important guidelines for you to be aware of and accept prior to applying. Please tick the boxes to show us that you have read and agreed to the Guidelines.

You need to do the workThe Switch® takes place over three training days of between 4 and 6 hours per day. This may seem daunting to you if you are ill, but you can trust that people do manage it and have felt improvements as they move through the course.

You will not get well just by listening to me talk – you need to get involved in group discussions and activities and you need to practise The Switch techniques a lot during and after the course, until you are all better. The techniques can be adapted for wheelchair use or for use in public places. It’s normal to use the techniques 20-30 times a day for the first few weeks.

We are not DoctorsThe Switch® seeks to help people with mind-body and lifestyle corrections to resolve long term illness. We are not Doctors. We therefore do not offer diagnosis, prescribe medication nor give advice about medical procedures or medication. We advise that you should liaise with your Doctor for these purposes and should maintain mainstream screening programmes for preventative care. We are happy to send a report to your Doctor to assist this process, if you ask us to. The Switch can be used alongside mainstream medical care.*

Personal use onlyDoing this three day course is for personal use only. It will teach you how to address your own health and emotional issues. It will not teach you to be a Practitioner or to help other people to recover. It can be counter-productive to show parts of the course to people without them seeing the whole thing in its entirety and it can be counter-productive for people to try to learn it without a Practitioner to help them to use it correctly.*

Ongoing problemsIf you do not get an improvement through using The Switch®, you experience a temporary relapse or you have any adverse reactions to it, stop using it immediately and contact us or your Doctor for advice. This is an incredibly rare situation and is usually fixable with a quick phone conversation or a one hour consultation.*

LiabilityWhile we are teaching you skills that we believe can be enormously helpful in your life, it is up to you to use your own discretion about appropriate use of these techniques and decisions that you make about your life. Empower Therapies Ltd will not be held liable for any use, misuse or incorrect use of the techniques, nor for any expenses or losses that you may incur as a result.*

CopyrightThe Switch® is a registered trademark and contains copyright material, characters and ideas (unless referenced to a third party). We really want to share these ideas with you, but you are not able to photograph, film or record the course. You may not reproduce, sell or distribute the material.*

ConfidentialityFor everyone to have a safe and enjoyable experience here, you must respect and maintain confidentiality. While there is no requirement for you to share your private experiences with the group, some people may choose to do so. While you may share your own experiences outside of this room, if you choose to share other people’s experiences, it must be anonymously – no names, no identifying details. You must also respect and maintain the confidentiality of your previous friends/family who have done the course prior to you.*

The Switch® Course feesTotal fees are $1495 ($1300 + GST). This includes:*

  • An ebook - Ready for Recovery – a workbook to prepare for the course
  • Pre-course coaching session (by phone, skype or in person)
  • The Switch® – three days of training in a group of 8 people (5-6 hours per day)
  • The Switch® Course Manual
  • Course momento gift
  • Morning or afternoon tea
  • Four phonecall or email follow-ups over six months
  • Support email chain for one year

You need to pay a $100 deposit when you first apply (which activates us sending you the ebook) and the remaining $1395 ten days prior to your course date. If you have previously attended a two hour intro seminar, you will receive a $100 discount off ‘The Switch’. If you have previously attended a full 3-day course at Empower Therapies, you will receive a $500 discount.*

You can internet bank to Empower Therapies Ltd: 38 9019 0141365 00, or visit any Kiwibank to pay directly into this account (please use your name as a reference).

Additional follow-up sessions can be purchased for $140/hour, $190/1.5 hours or $400 for a four hour support package, to be used over any timescale. Refresher courses (4 hours long) can be attended for $175.*

Early CancellationsIf you cancel your application prior to your assessment call, we will refund your deposit minus $20 to accommodate the ebook and admin time processing your application.
If you cancel your application after your assessment has been approved, you will lose your full deposit.

If we turn down your application, we will refund your full deposit.*

Cancellations in the week prior to the courseIf you have already paid your full course fee and we have to cancel a course, you can choose whether to have an alternative date or a full refund (including your deposit). We do not offer compensation for flights and accommodation costs, so we strongly recommend that you have travel insurance. *

If you need to cancel in the ten days prior to your course date, we will try to find someone to replace you, in which case, we can transfer your fees to a different date or refund you minus your $100 deposit.*

Cancellations mid-courseIf you cancel during the course for medical or personal emergency reasons, we will not be able to replace you, so cannot refund you. We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance so that your flights, accommodation and full course fee can be repeated. We can allocate you to a later course date and you can repeat the course in full.*

If you do not choose to take insurance, we will do our best to support you to still complete the course by allowing you to be a silent observer to another group (thus not receiving any coaching direct coaching during the group), or by offering you a 30% discount to repeat the course in full. Insurance is preferable!*

While we are used to seeing very high success rates and the vast majority of people love doing the course, we cannot guarantee outcomes because success depends on many factors, including but not limited to engagement and openness of the client. We do not offer refunds if you do not like the course or do not get enough change from it. We are careful to only offer course places to people whom we think are highly likely to succeed.*

Support peopleWhile most people choose to come to the course alone and see it as their own private and personal journey, some people find it useful to have a support person. Support people sit at the back of the room as silent observers and must fill in paperwork to be approved. Support people are useful for young children, older people with memory issues, clients who require extra assistance, or people who are too anxious to attend alone. Anyone may choose to bring someone, though we only have room for two supporters per group, so you may need to attend a later group if your group is already full.

Doctor’s reportsWe believe that it is important to keep your GP (and Specialists) informed about other treatments that you are receiving, so that they can best monitor and support you. It is also good professional practise and helps to inform Doctors about other treatment options. If you are happy for me to send a report with a brief background and a summary of your improvements at one week post course and at three months post course, please write the names and Practice name of any GP, Specialist, alternative practitioner or ACC Case Manager that you would like me to send a report to. I will also send a copy to you.

In the case of emergencyIn the very rare event that I am concerned for your safety or health, or if I believe any serious crime or harm is likely to be caused to any person, it is a legal requirement that I inform appropriate people. This could be police or ambulance in extreme cases. It could be your GP or your next of kin in less severe cases. As a requirement, we need to have your GP and your next of kin contact details in case of such emergencies. If we need to do this, we will do our best to inform you of this decision. We will only send regular reports to Doctors listed in the previous question.

StatisticsTo be recognized by mainstream, we need good statistics and research to validate the outcomes that we know we are achieving. It is therefore very important that all clients complete the surveys or the statistics will be invalid. These will be sent to you prior to the course, at the end of the course, two months after the course and one year after the course. They should take under five minutes to complete. Statistics will only be shared online or to researchers anonymously.*

Do you agree to complete all the surveys for us?

Section 5: Declaration

This agreement is between you and Empower Therapies® Ltd.

I understand that learning The Switch® does not guarantee that I will get results - it’s up to me to participate fully and openly, and to practise the techniques that I am taught both during and after the course to get the same changes that others have achieved.*

I have filled in my own application form and these answers are my own answers.*

I have read and agree to all the guidelines.*

If you are under 18 years of age, your parent or guardian also needs to read through the Guidelines and sign if they agree to them:

We really look forward to helping you

Proceed to payment page - NDZ$100 deposit

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