I think it’s very important to be able to verify your anecdotal stories of success with some actual figures on outcomes. I ask all my clients to fill in feedback forms at two months and at one year post-course. I also talk to each client at one week, one month, three months and six months post-course. This means that there are lots of junctions where I am checking up on them and making sure that they are doing well. Usually they are doing well, and if they’ve slipped a little, I give them some extra coaching to get back on track.

The main issues that clients come to Empower Therapies to resolve

How is your overall health, 2 months after attending the switch


Physical health before and 2 months after The Switch

Emotional health before and 2 months after The Switch


Physical health before and after the Intro Seminar

Emotional health before and after Intro Seminar


Would you recommend the switch to others?

How effective was Mel Abbott as your trainer?


Feedback from the switch - 30 oct 2017 course

Feedback from the switch - 16 April 2018 course



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