Here is a fantastic opportunity to learn directly from Mel Abbott about how to kickstart your recovery!

In previous intro seminars, some people made full recoveries and no longer needed to do the full 4-day Switch course. Many others experienced good improvements, which made their time on the waiting list far more tolerable and added to their excitement and readiness for The Switch.

You could be next!

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Emma got off 38 painkillers per day by attending an intro seminar!

Emma had CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) and was on 38 strong painkillers per day. She attended a 2.5 hour intro seminar at Empower Therapies and was able to quit all her meds and get her life back!

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Here is one man’s story from a previous intro seminar

“My body shut down from stress and exhaustion and I ended up in hospital for some time and then went on to have 9 months off work. I couldn’t walk to my letter box and now I’m doing 10km walks a day and losing weight and changing my outlook on life. I’m going back to work full time in Early January.

Through your recommendations from the 2-hour intro seminar, which both my wife and I use every day, and following the information in your emails, I have improved 98% and am a totally different person from the beginning of the year. I won’t need the 3-day course and would like you to take my name off the list and let someone else take my place. Both my wife and I would like to thank you for what you have achieved in getting me back to work and making me a better and happier person.

We are telling everyone about Empower Therapies and using me as an example of what can be achieved if you put your mind to it!”

The intro seminar covers

  1. My own and others’ recovery stories to get you inspired and hopeful
  2. Activities to focus you forwards onto your own recovery
  3. The role of the stress response in chronic illness
  4. Techniques to calm your stress response and anxiety, so that your body can recover
  5. to rewire your neural patterns away from chronic illness patterns
  6. The neurology of chronic pain and how to start changing it
  7. Simple interventions to resolve depression
  8. How to generate more energy
  9. How to curb emotional eating patterns
  10. How emotions get trapped in the body and cause illness
  11. An action plan for moving forwards into your own recovery

You will receive

  1. 2.5 hours of fast paced information and techniques, followed by live Q&A
  2. Handout of course information
  3. Weekly support emails for a month with more techniques to aid your recovery
  4. Guided audio track for a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) process for recovery
  5. $100 discount off The Switch, should you still need more help

Here are the statistics from a previous 2.5 hour intro seminar

Here’s what is possible just a few days after an intro seminar…

Thank you for the workshop…it was definitely mind blowing.

As I left to walk home, I started up an internal dialogue with my amygdala. I have also been focusing on balanced breathing and gratitude (I’m Christian, and I’m giving thanks to god for the things I observe in my day to day life.

I’m also utilising 321 when I’m travelling or awake in bed, and consciously STOP myself when I notice body scanning.
The very next day at work, I was able to observe my knees were not painful when I got up to go to the toilet and I was walking more freely. I have had minimal painkillers over the week as well.

I look forward to further improvements in my amazing body.
Thank you

I want people to know that a cure can occur in an instant, like a lightening strike, as if a switch had clicked. Before Mel’s seminar, I had read the intro to the Lightening process, about 12 months previously. I experienced a sudden massive relief. However I did not learn any maintenance techniques and had relapsed. Mel speaks beautifully, has undoubted empathy and is strong. Her introductory seminar discusses a range of conditions so may seem all too brief but crucially introduced me to daily practice for maintaining health. I accepted her challenge to stay well, for good. The following morning, I awoke with positive thoughts crowding in. I cannot remember when that last happened.

You’re doing a major public service Mel!

Dear Mel
I’m just writing to you to let you know that after a lot of deliberation I will not be attending the Switch four day course. I attended your seminar in October and since then I have only been making progress in my journey to health. With the help of the tools I was able to learn and observe at your seminar and with the support emails in the weeks following, I have been able to gain a lot of my quality of life back and can finally see that Complex Regional Pain Syndrome will not take over my life, if I don’t let it.

I came to your course as quite a hopeless young woman, who is living away from home with a chronic pain injury, taking an abundance of pain killers each day. Now, I have been able to cut the pain killers down dramatically and am continuing to do so until the point I do not need them anymore. The first thing I did after the intro Seminar was come home and make a mood board for my wall, and looking at it every day has been great at putting things in perspective, I had found that I had forgotten about my dreams and goals prior to my injury and just having these there allowed me to shift from only thinking about goals within my chronic pain, to thinking about my life goals.

I am able to focus on the New Year now and getting myself back to full health, my illness caused me to lose my job but I am able to see that with the progress I have made and the tools I have from your seminar, ACC and pain management courses, I am in control of this and have the strength and drive to get back into the workforce in the early months of next year.

I want to thank you very much, Mel, for the course that you are behind, it’s such a good seminar and I’m so very glad I attended.
Kind regards,

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Previous Seminars

You can view snippets of my recent seminar at the NZ Association of NLP Conference, as well as view my BBC Interview and my Good Health after CFS seminar. If you would like to be notified of dates for future seminars, please join my quarterly mailing list. This contains the latest inspiring stories from clients, new techniques for you to practise and news of when I am holding further seminars, workshops or national tours.

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NZ NLP Conference – The Body as a Signpost of Emotion

The role of stress in chronic illness conditions.
This is an excerpt from a conference that I presented at, talking about the effects on the body of being stuck in a stress response for too long.

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Radio New Zealand Interview – August 2016

John Dunbar, Orthopaedic Surgeon in Dunedin, has been a huge supporter of my mind-based interventions for chronic pain and we have recently co-led a seminar and were both interviewed on Radio New Zealand about mind and emotions affect chronic pain (and other chronic illnesses). You can listen to our interview here:

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New Zealand GP Conference Presentation

I was very excited to present at the national GP Conference in Rotorua this year! I spoke about mind-body interaction and how stress causes so many of the illnesses that GPs will see. I gave them lots of tips on changes they can make in their own practice to help patients gain more sense of control over their own well-being. I was also invited to do this interview to help spread the word further!

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Good Health After Chronic Fatigue

I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 11 years and was on an Invalid’s Benefit. Then all that changed. I am fully healthy again and enjoying working, travelling, playing sport, socialising… Here’s my story and information about the amazing treatment that gave me my life back.

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Mel Abbott BBC Interview

Mel Abbott had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 10 years.Then she got all her energy back by using The Lightning Process.Now she shares her story with BBC Radio, UK.

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