Here’s What Happened on the course:

Here’s What Happened on the course:

Start of Day 1 – just half an hour before the course, Ella fell out of her wheelchair. We didn’t think we would get her into the car because she was in so much pain. Every bump in the road on the way to the course was hell for her, and she arrived shaking and unable to open her folder or lift her drink bottle.

End of Day 1 – she was just managing the drink bottle, and she used the technique she was taught (lightning process) 80-90 times that day. She slept 8 hours solid that night – first time in 4 years (previously 2-3 hours per night with lots of waking).

Day 2 – with Mel’s help and after shaking for 10 mins she stood for the first time for about 1 minute to deliver her account of what she had achieved the night before (an outing to Mission Bay for icecream).

End of Day 2 – she stood again – this time for 4-5 mins while leaning on a chair for periods. Prior to this she could not stand to clean her teeth or even transfer from her lazyboy to the wheelchair without help. That night we went to the Sky Tower for dessert – she loved every minute & suffered no additional pain as a result (in the past any outings caused up to 3 weeks of worsened symptoms).

Day 3 – she got out of the car and into the wheelchair by herself, then in the class she stood for 3-4 mins to deliver her morning overview of positive changes. At lunchtime, she took 10 steps (unaided) across the room and out the door to sit in the sun. She then walked back in to the room after lunch.

End of Day 3 – she walked to the car (about 20 yards) and I wheeled her chair behind her. That night, she was dancing with her cousins (just 1 song but an amazing feat) and stopped using the chair inside AT ALL from that day onwards. The next day her muscles were very sore – but it was a normal sore – from using the muscles!

Since the course (9 weeks ago now) she has been swimming, shopping, riding on a tractor at a friend’s farm, walked across 3 paddocks there to feed horses, been out with friends & had sleepovers, played some soccer and hockey with her cousins, and a few weeks ago she went indoor rock climbing – and before the course, she could not stand to brush her own teeth!

The last 4 and a half years have been like a horrible roller coaster ride (one that we never want to endure again) but finally it has stopped and we have got off. Our lives have changed so dramatically in the past 9 weeks I just can’t tell you how grateful we are to have our vibrant, happy & very mobile daughter back. We believe she will do great things with her life now and never take good health for granted.
Cheers, Nicola”

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Mel – you’re an amazing trainer, and it was a privilege to sit in on the course with my daughter and see the transformation in her and the other 7 people there. Amazing, incredible, wonderful, miraculous life changing results. Words don’t really cover it! I have told so many people about you now, and know that many have contacted you after seeing Ella’s swift recovery – and we are so happy to be part of spreading the word to help others get their lives back. As I have always said about this dreadful condition – never, ever, ever give up!”

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