I used to say “If I ever get well, I will dedicate my life to helping others do the same”.

And that is exactly what I have done.

I gained my NLP Master Practitioner qualification from one of the worlds leading trainers, Dr Phil Parker, in London. I also have a BSc in psychology, and several years experience as a youth worker and social worker.

Upon my return to NZ in 2010, I set up Empower Therapies and was a Lightning Process Practitioner for eight years, helping over 1300 clients achieve remarkable results from a wide range of health conditions. I saw more than double the number of clients annually as the second busiest LP Practitioner world-wide, and had the longest waiting list.

I am also passionate about extending awareness of mind-body health to the medical community. I have presented at the National GP Conference and the Australasian Integrative Medicine Conference multiple times, with large audiences of doctors giving fabulous feedback about my talks. I was voted Best Speaker at my two most recent national GP Conferences. I will be presenting again in 2022 about chronic fatigue, chronic pain and long-Covid. I have also progressed through the NLP community in New Zealand and was the President of the NZ Association of NLP from 2018 to 2021 and have presented at many of their conferences as well.


In 2017, I launched my own programme, The Switch, which has now helped nearly 700 people get life-changing results. In its first four months, it helped three people get out of wheelchairs!

It is a huge joy to see my own course helping people to experience the profound changes that I experienced myself. I love hearing the same words that I said to my practitioner:



I am a very high energy trainer with lots of positivity, vibrancy and laughter. I give a lot of encouragement (one client commented that he “enjoyed my over-use of superlatives”). I am also a firm trainer who challenges people very directly if they are doing patterns that are sabotaging their recovery (not always my most popular trait, though usually appreciated in the long run). I am a very careful observer of client’s body language, so that I can see when people have had a breakthrough and when they need more coaching and challenging. Having now worked with so many clients, I have become a lot more intuitive about picking up underlying patterns that are the cause of each client’s illness and helping them to resolve them at a deep level.

Here is a movie from my interview on The Breakfast Show, talking about my illness and my recovery.

To see more of my interviews in newspapers, radio and at conferences, click here

Comments About Mel as a Trainer

Here are some of the comments that my clients have made about
me as a Trainer:

“Mel presented the course in a fun and interesting way. I also felt that she was extremely discerning and could read people and their situations very well. Thanks Mel!”

“Mel was a fabulous trainer, very thorough and encouraging and the follow up phone calls and emails have been invaluable. I loved the way you were so positive, it helped me to focus.”

Mel was a fabulous trainer, very thorough and encouraging and the follow up phone calls and emails have been invaluable. I loved the way you were so positive, it helped me to focus.”

“Mel is such a positive, approachable person and she really knows her stuff! The follow up conversations have also been immensely helpful.”

“Mel has a fully professional approach both within and in relation to sessions. Within the session she generates an atmosphere of trust and acceptance, making it easy to express the personal and sometimes awkward issues that surround and make up the problem.”

“She was great. She understood what we were going through and knew how to push us so we got better. She believed in us and was always positive.”

“Mel conveys respect for the client, so that you feel like an equal among colleagues rather than a helpless patient. Her methods are unintrusive and solution-focussed, rather than dwelling on past failures. She moves you forward in a dynamic, constructive and often creative way, so that you begin to use new resources straight away.”

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Warm Regards
Mel Abbott

Founder of Empower Therapies and creator of “The Switch”

Certified NLP Master Practitioner

BSc (Psych), Dip.Clin.Hyp NLP Coach, CMP NLP, MNZANLP

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