Mel Abbott in the media

It has been a lot of fun over the years to be interviewed on BBC radio three times, National Radio once, The Breakfast Show twice, plus countless newspapers and magazines. Some of these stories are on this page for you to view. In the last two years, it’s also been exciting to be recognised more by mainstream medicine. I have presented at three GP conferences, the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association and the NLP Association and I have been interviewed by the NZ Medical Association.

Stuff – Mind over Matter, August 2018

Plagued with chronic fatigue for more than a decade Mel Abbott was at her wit’s end and willing to try anything, even if it meant travelling halfway around the globe. After a horse riding accident left her with a severe head injury at age 18, Abbott ended up with a raft of health issues and for 11 years weathered the cost of more than $100,000 worth of treatments – none of which worked.

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Radio New Zealand Interview – August 2016

John Dunbar, Orthopaedic Surgeon in Dunedin, has been a huge supporter of my mind-based interventions for chronic pain and we have recently co-led a seminar and were both interviewed on Radio New Zealand about mind and emotions affect chronic pain (and other chronic illnesses). You can listen to our interview here:

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New Zealand GP Conference Presentation

During the national GP Conference last year, I was interviewed by the NZ Medical Association to help spread the word about mind-body health – mainstream medicine is really starting to get on board!

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Breakfast Show Interviews

It’s been wonderful to have so much interest and support from The Breakfast Show, who have now interviewed me twice. You can click on the photo to watch the first interview.

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Newspaper articles

While I lived and worked in the UK, the media followed my progress closely, inspiring thousands of people with the hope that recovery is possible. The Cambridge News wrote a double page feature story in April 2010, which was then published in a further 7 British newspapers. You can click on each page to read them.

Newspaper Page 1 Newspaper Page 2

LawTalk Magazine

I was invited to contribute to the LawTalk magazine about how to deal with stress. They have allowed me to share this article on my own website, to help inspire people with extra tools for managing life!

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